Can I Kick IT

by dharmamonkey on 10/29/2013

*my mistress is a metaphor for smoking*

In August I attempted to give up my long-term mistress of many years. This is a quick note to inform anyone interested that i failed miserably. It was too much to let go of her… and her of me.

I was unable to prevent myself from leaving her slender figure alone, nevermind go without how she sets my mind at ease. It is a physical and emotional lure I could not resist. She is addictive like crack.

So yet again I find myself in danger of becoming a social pariah. People see me with her on the street and I catch them casting disdainful looks… some out of repulsion, others out of jealousy.

Occasionally when friends are over we sometime nip out the back for a ‘cheeky quickie’. I return indoors with her smell still on my fingers and a smile on my face as I’m gently reminded of the bikesheds at school…

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  1. 01/15/2014Marianne says:

    Yes you can!

    Me too. I have struggled for years. God damn I even had cancer in my mid twenties (not that it was smoking related). I carried on and on always trying to give up, never quite managing it for very long. After a while I became addicted to nicotine gum. A new master, probably just as bad as the first, but at least I could breathe more easily.
    Last month I was ill (nothing serious) but it meant that I could neither chew the gum nor drink caffeine. Amazingly the combination of these factors amounts to me finding it quite easy to not smoke. Perhaps if I were to drink tea or coffee again I would immediately want a rollie between my fingers. I do still find it difficult when drinking alcohol (don’t drink much anyway) but little by little it’s getting easier and I have so much energy now that I am no longer lurching desperately from caffeine to nicotine fix.
    And those bike sheds no longer seem to hold the appeal they once had – not for the purposes of smoking anyway. :)

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